Glorious Bay Sailing, and a relaxing weekend

As Sabrina and I have been traveling like crazy the last few weeks (Philadelphia, VA Beach, NYC), we both wanted a nice relaxing weekend.

I had hoped to get down to Deltaville Friday night so we could be on the water early Saturday, but DC traffic got in the way and we just got a chance to hang out and get some solid rest before sailing Saturday.

The traffic out of DC is truly a joke. Mid-winter when everyone is stuck at home, its not so bad, but when beach season rolls around there is almost 100% chance of stopped traffic between DC and Richmond, and after more than a year and an half of regular driving between them, we’re fed up. Annapolis here we come.

We both need the rest and didnt get on the road to Deltaville till almost 1, but it sure feels amazing to sleep past noon. We decided to make it a family outing and make Ozzy join us for the day on the water. Ozzy isnt the most agile dog and especially when its over 90 he really doesnt enjoy himself, and we just let him sleep at home while the rest of us play on the water, but not this day!

Fishing Bay Marina shares Fishing Bay with Fishing Bay Yacht Club (go figure) and FBYC was holding their “Annual Regatta” so we were fortunate enough to be sharing the water with over 70 racers rounding marks! It sure is awesome to share the water with sailors instead of jetski’s.

We really didnt sail very far as it was such a nice day out and we just really wanted to float around and relax. After an easy beam reach out of Fishing Bay we dropped sail and jumped in. The sea nettle’s (jellyfish) didnt seem to be to bad but after severe stings early in the season we decided it was prudent to just fish, tan, and have a drink.

I finally got my new heavy fishing rod rigged up and a line in! We picked up a bag o’ blood worms which worked perfectly! I snagged a spot and then a croker in about 10 minutes! Unfortunately the croaker swallowed the hook in an attempt to get it out, Mr. Croaker croaked. Fortunately, “the circle of life” (cue backgroud music) works in wonderful ways, and instead of having to watch our fishy friend float out of sight, he was wisked away by an eager osprey. I have since learned that it is better to just cut the line with the hook in deep, as it will dissolve in less than a week.

As the sun began to set over the marina, we floated around listening to the band play for the yacht club party while cleaning up the boat. After sticking her safely in the slip we cruised back to Richmond, the dogs sound asleep in the back, on top of each other. I made chicken breasts stuffed with mushroom, onion and provolone, baked them for about 20 min and then covered them with provolone and finished them for about 15 more min while I made pasta alfredo. We stuffed ourselves silly and passed out on the couch, only getting up for dessert (chocolate brownie with cookies and cream icecream on top) and to hit the sac.

Sunday we slept late, cleaned up around the house and posted rooms for rent on craigslist. Another beautiful weekend complete.


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