The pen is mightier…

I realized recently that I very much enjoy taking awesome pictures. After amassing quite a collection of facebook style pictures I feel its time to move on to pictures of a higher caliber. What better way to record what has been and I hope will continue to be a glorious exciting life!

In a previous life I worked for Circuit City (r.i.p.) selling computers and digital camera’s, back when 3.1mega pixels was a big deal. At that time it was WAY out of my price range to consider a camera with removable lenses and just not practical. For a good while I had an excellent camera from olympus that was waterproof, freezeproof, crushproof and dropproof which was awesome. Unfortunately it bit it while recording film underwater in the Virgin Islands. While all those great features worked for a camera that fit into a shirt pocket, it just didnt take the quality of pictures you can only get from a camera with  REAL lens.

Enter the Olympus Pen. The E-P2 is the world’s smallest 12.3-mexapixel interchangeable lens system camera, yet has the creative flexibility to give you a true professional experience with ease. A still photo, video and audio recorder in one, the E-P2 creates exceptional photos, inventive slide shows, and remarkable videos for sharing with family or for posting on many of today’s social networking websites. It delivers professional quality images without the bulk of a conventional DSLR.

I look forward snapping away while sailing, cooking, traveling and working. After all a picture is worth 1000 words…


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Sailor, Traveler, Cook, Activist....
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