November Solo Sailing & Bivalve Bliss

Friday evening turned out to be a pretty relaxed evening because my good friend Mike Norford’s Birthday would be Saturday night. Sabrina was off representing VANORML at the Alexandria Film Festival Saturday afternoon, leaving me all by myself for the evening. She had even insisted on keeping the dogs. So instead of hanging out in Richmond, I figured I would go sleep in the freezing cold boat. I figured bringing my comforter from home in addition to a a sleeping bag would be sufficient but boy was I wrong.

After shivering away for hours, finally the sun came up and I could get going. I pulled out the kick ass 2 burner stove Sabina got me for my birthday and boiled some water for instant coffee (which I just recently realized is pretty damn good).  I had kept my bicycle in my car so decided to throw the front tire on and ride out to the “Sleven” and get a samich. Stuffed with a shitty for me but excellent tasting breakfast samich I threw off the lines and headed out for a mid-morning solo sail.

Four hours later I rolled back into the slip, cleaned up, put things away and headed back to Richmond, a 100 count of fresh oysters in hand as a gift for Mikes Birthday.


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1 Response to November Solo Sailing & Bivalve Bliss

  1. Pat McArdle says:

    I loved your solo sailing video.

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