Winter Wonderland

It’s been colder than a witches tit, Billy B Geebers, and a polar bears ass combined. Solid dustings of snow and sleet have covered Annapolis throughout December and January as well as a steady wind frigid and temperature that just doesnt seem to ever let up. There is ice covering a majority of Back Creek. Bottom line is, we’re both sick of it. We hate the lack of sunlight and crave the outdoors. I dont mind the cold but Sabrina loathes it.

The silver lining to the season has been that the holidays brought us together with family and we were fortunate to have Mike, Maura, Ryan and Tres join us to ring in 2011 in Annapolis.

S/V HighLife has seen its first outing of the new year, where Tres and I tossed the dock lines New Years Day, headaches ablaze, off to explore Back Bay. As my sails have been at the loft for repairs since the transit from Deltaville all we could do was give the outboard a workout. My dumb ass made a stupid mistake, getting out of the channel and touching bottom briefly before promptly swinging her back into the channel. Talk about a gut check moment! I think once a year is enough.

Since New Years its been brutally cold and ice has formed all through Back Creek making winter excursions impossible. The snow and sleet makes me nervous that Canvas will get weighted down and take on water and just reminds me I should install the powered bilge pump before finishing up the install on the GPS Cartplotter/Sonar and Stereo.



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