I cant seem to keep my house battery charged. I thought the trickle charger would… um you know recharge it. This does not seem to be the case since I installed the chartplotter/fishfinder and stereo. Even though both are turned off, and the trickle charger is attached, after about 24 hours the battery is lifeless. The trickle charger seemed to work well enough for the starting battery but doesnt cut it with all the new peripherals. Luckly I came across quite the deal on and came out with a new larger more reasonable charging panel.

As a bonus, I came away with a completely unexpected photo with a wonderful reflection of Back Creek in Annapolis.

I would like to thank Lowe’s for the experience with random hardware items; without which I might have paid much more than $46 for the galvanized and fully adjustable frame I made.

Tomorrow I will hook this baby up to the charge controller that came with it and get my electrical system into proper working order.

Check out this beautiful day we just had… still brisk but worth every minute:

“Spring Forward” is this next weekend! Its Sabrina’s birthday and we are so very ready! Warm weather here we come!


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