Im no April Fool

Much has happened since the last post!

I was informed by the apartment management team that there would not be a “Dock Master” anymore at our apartment complex.  Now the slips are being management directly by the apartment staff. This changed happend at the same time they had boats all over the place from a dock maintenance project. This caused quite a bit of confusion on their part and I got to stay in a much larger slip in much deeper water for what has been the majority of my slip lease. Sadly they have caught up with their paperwork and compelled me to moved High Life back to her intended slip. Her new slip is about half as wide as her old one and in about 10 feet less water.






Alas, she may be in less accessible slip than before but after yesterday I am confident I can get her in and out singlehanded.

I decided to repurposed a messed up rug in that was in the storage room of my parents basement for the cabin of High Life. It really could not have worked out better and I only had to modify it slightly for the perfect fit. I think it looks better aboard than collecting dust in basement storage:

This is the same rug that was in the entrance of the house I grew up in. I held many a Lego battle and raced millions of  MicroMachine miles.

As a result of the change in dock management they have decided to not allow 6 month slip leases. Since Sabrina and I have decided to save some money after our apartment lease is up I wont be able to keep her dockside after my slip lease runs out at the end of April. As suggested by the new slip manager we will contact the harbor master (he lives in the same complex as us) and be advised on leaving her on anchor. I understand that I need to move her (if only slightly) every two weeks and otherwise its FREE! To justify such a move I had to go ahead and get a dinghy and bought a cheep one online. Here she is on her first inflate…

And finally as I mentioned before I got her out for a solo sail yesterday. I picked up some surgical tubing to use as autopilot and it worked amazing! Check it out:

And what a great day it was for a solo sail!


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