May the 4th be with you….

Well it has been way too long since my last posting, I apologize and promise I will make it up to you over the summer!

The weather has been coming around nicely in Annapolis with average high temperatures right around 70 and the water temperature slowly becoming swimmable.

I picked up a sweet Force10 Stow’n Go Grill for High Life from Bacon’s Marine sans rail mount. After some research and forum searching I was advised of the proper mounting hardware and made my purchase.

We haven’t gotten a chance to do any grillin yet but rest assured their will be some boat cooking posts up before long. (note the grill mounting hardware in the pic below)

As the water temperature is steadily rising, I figured it would be as good a time as any to take my dinghy out for her maiden row. She performed beautifully. Here she is fully inflated ready to go for a sail:

Ive been trying to hone my movie skills, since I like watching others sailors vlogs so much… Sorry for the low quality and quick movements. I promise they will get better:

I wanted to have a bit more control over the electrical system I’ve installed and nothing says “I know what im doing” like a West Marine electrical panel.  Unfortunately the panel would not fit smoothly in the space cut for it and I was forced to created a frame to hold it. My first attempt worked but looked really bad as I attempted to cut mitered angles into 1×3 oak stock (with a hack saw) to look somewhat like a picture frame. I decided that I needed to make something a little bit nicer. After another trip to Home Depot for a piece of 1×10 oak 7.5″ long. I outlined the necessary cuts and plunged a drill through so I could cut out the necessary space. All went extremely well and the panel dropped in nicely. I figured I could do some finishing of the piece when I refinish the rest of the brightwork. Unfortunately my dumbass didnt pre-drill holes for the attachment screws and when I attached the piece it split the wood. (insert Homer Simpson DOH!) Regardless it works:

Speaking of brightwork…. I havent really ever done refinishing and would appreciate any insight anyone might have on getting my things looking shiny and new. I think the combings will be pretty straight forward but the toe rail looks like it has something else on it. I believe it was called Cetol? Anyone know if any extra steps need to be taken for this?

Sabrina and I will be traveling with my parents to Puerto Rico and the Island of Culebra, in the Spanish Virgin Islands, equidistance from the PR mainland and the USVI. Its supposed to be what the USVI looked like in the 70’s. We are super excited and will have lots of pictures videos and stories to post. Could this the the first step to starting a new life in the palm trees? I sure hope so. At least we already have the parrot:


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