More content

I hope by having more content you will feel more content, even if we are not on the same continent.

I can now blog from my phone; my skills, I need to hone. Perhaps soon I’ll be as well read as Noam.

I lost my job last week. It has yet to leave me in a heap, feeling the need to weep. I havent lost any sleep. Speaking of I should be counting sheep.

Tomorrow I will resume work on my resume, and record it wile jaming to some old records.


About philipstrause

Sailor, Traveler, Cook, Activist....
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2 Responses to More content

  1. Samantha says:

    no job = perfect time to sail away 😉

    • philipstrause says:

      My brother gets married in aug. Im thinking ill head south in Nov. So… EXACTLY

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