Time for a long over due update.

I mentioned before that I would be providing more content over the summer, but alas I have had a pretty tough time settling in to my new job. Estimating for custom stone has been a relatively seamless change as there are less details involved in each project compared to custom millwork but the company is still developing its commercial sales processes and communication has seriously been lacking.

My brother Ben married his highschool sweet heart Megan over the summer and I was fortunate enough to be both the best man and ring bearer (not intentinally the ring bearer, it just worked out that way). Here I am giving a toast for my best man’s speech.

We have made it out on the water a few times both sailing and canoeing. We decided to do a canoe camping trip for the 4th of July weekend on the Shenandoah River. Check out our kick ass campsite:


The next morning we got up super early and decided to go ahead and head down the river. I believe we were packed up and paddling by 630am. As we headed down the river we noticed a bunch of other campsites and decided to serenade them with something patriotic. The “Star Spangled Banner” got a little out of hand as we belted it out at the top of our lungs around probably 715am. As we finished we heard cheers and clapping echo up and down the down the river as if coming from all direction. Probably not the worst thing to be woken up by on the 4th eh?

As you may have heard, Hurricane Irene made landfall on the east coast over the summer bringing significant devastation to much of the east coast. Fortunately Annapolis and S/V High Life both were spared anything but very minor damage as the storm surge was really unnoticeable. It did however give me the opportunity to throw my first hurricane party!

I decided that I needed to step up my accommodations for the party (for which I had only 1 guest, thanks David) and went ahead and got a flushing portable head (to replace the coughbucketcough) that had previously been employed. She fit perfectly and strapped down accordingly to prevent any sliding or tipping from High Life’s healing.

Recently I meet up with a fellow Bristol 27 sailor Travis Soule and his lovely companion Nicole in Annapolis while they are on their way south to Florida for work over the winter. We went out for a sail on High Life and while the water was filthy with debris from the hurricane we had excellent conditions with a steady 10k brease and nearly flat water.

I finally got my motorcycle into and out of the shop for brake work and had the opportunity to ride into work. All was well except I neglected to get the registration updated and got pulled and ticketed… (always preflight check!) Here’s my setup:

The time also came for me to attend my 1o year high school reunion. Which was actually a pretty good time. Maybe 1/3 of the class actually made it and a majority of the people I see pretty regularly anyway. Not really the most diverse bunch eh?

I am sure there will be many more exciting things to report soon. Thanks for caring!

Phil and Sabrina


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