Humboldt Style

I couldn’t standing living in the DC metro area over the winter. I was commuting an hour and a half each way to a job that I did not enjoy at all. With sailing season over, and an opportunity to head out west and work I came to the conclusion that it was time for a change. Thankfully those who mean the most to me were all supportive. When else would I get the opportunity to change my entire  situation and experience a completely new environment?

I figured I could head out west, work some “odd jobs” for a few months, pocket some solid cash in anticipation of moving forward on my real dream, sailing HighLife south.

So I made my move. I penned a resignation letter slid it under the door of my bosses office and walked out. That afternoon I headed down to Annapolis and cleaned up HighLife in anticipation of a long absence. By the following day I was packed up and drove back to DC to stay with Sabrina one last time before my departure.

I departed DC at 11:00am and headed west. First northwest on I-70 through West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and finally stopping in Gary Indiana 12 hours and 675 miles later.

I slept in my car with a single sized blow up mattress over top of all my stuff in the back. It was pretty cramped but worked out fine for my tired ass.

My next trek was from Gary Indiana to Cheyenne Wyoming, 16 hours and 975 miles. Quite the hall.  I saw my first snowfall of the year once I reached Wyoming and decided to call it a night in a Pilot Truck Travel Center. The next morning I got to experience the beauty of a $10 truck stop shower. It was probably so nice because of its necessity.

My third day would take me from Cheyenne Wyoming through Salt Lake City Utah and across the salt flats to Reno Nevada, 15 hours and 950 miles. Check out some video of me dropping into Salt Lake City:

I stopped at the SLC yacht club for a rest and some lunch and got to taste and touch the lake for the first time. The second saltiest body of water is in fact very salty.  After lunch I headed out across the salt flats toward the Nevada border. What a sight to see complete flatness for like 50 miles and then gigantic snowcapped peaks protruding so abruptly.

I decided that since I had such luck crashing out at the truck rest areas I would follow suit in Reno. By this, the third time sleeping in the car on the air mattress I had the process pretty well set up and proceded to watch a movie on my iphone before crashing out and one last day of covering some real distance.

I left Reno with only a 5 hour 300 mile trek in front of me. It was one of the most spectacular drives I have ever taken. I took 395N to RT 36 West toward my final destination between Red Bluff and Fortuna.

I spend my first 2 weeks camping on the side of a mountain, relaxing a ton and given the first opportunity to really chill out. Im very grateful for the work I was offered and the people I got to work with. Often it was so cold at night that people would work through the night by the fire so they wouldn’t have to fight for warmth all night long on the cold ground. Given the choice I would rather sleep in the day and be warm than at night and shivering.

Since then I got a 6 month lease on a kick ass two bedroom apartment with  my good friend David for whom had suggested I come out west in the first place.

Life has been slow here in Humboldt but I sense the opportunities in front of me and will stick it out to see them to fruition.

In the meantime I have applied at the Nissan dealership in Eureka and expect to be offered a position by early this coming week.

While I am so happy for the opportunity I sure miss home and especially Sabrina. I know that good will come of my experience and all will be happy before long.

Thanks for following! More details to come soon.



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