Its always darkest before the dawn.

I despise this gloomy lull between the excitement of winter’s arrival and when the first warm hints of spring are just within reach.

To bide my time I have been living vicariously through the internet to some avail. My blog catalog has experienced an extensive expansion. Check out the new list:

2 Gringos in the CaribbeanAnastasia: SailBlogsBLUE WATER SAILING MAGAZINECAL 29 Sea FeverControlled JibeCourtney Kirchoff, Cruising SabbaticalDock Six ChroniclesEARTHLINGFinally Cruising, Following the DreamForest and Fin, Hobo Sailorilyas adventures, John Vigor’s BlogKick Rocks – Sail Fast, Liz Clark and the Voyage of SwellMe VoyMy Fortress of SolitudeMy Life AfloatNewly Saltedplodding in paradiseRenova’s AdventuresSail DelmarvaSail MagazineSailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of HappinessSolo Around the America’s Under Sailsundownsailings/v Bella Stars/v Cookie, s/v Estrellita 5.10b, s/v Gallant Foxs/v hello world, s/v Moitessiers/v Mother Cultures/v Wave DancerThe Adventures of Capt’n K & LalaThe INTERVIEW WITH A CRUISER ProjectThe Periwinkle and Stargazer BlogThe Quest for Wind and WavesThe SlapdashThe World Tour – Alex and TaruThere Be PiratesTo the Edges of the EarthTOWARDS THE PACIFICWhite Satin GlovesWindtravelerYoders AfloatYOLOYou, Me, and the D

Am I missing any that you really like?

I also have found a few new projects to work on while waiting for the weather. I feel that a solid tender would serve me better than an inflatable. I found this 1.5 sheet boat that looks perfect:

(click for design plans)

Ive had some self steering systems in mind lately and was considering building this one:

(click for design plans)

I watched this interesting movie “Helvetica” just recently about the development and proliferation of this extremely popular typeface.  This got me thinking that High Life does not have her name painted upon her glorious backside and I feel she deserves it. I was thinking of having her painted in the Miller High Life font but figure that may represent to much connection to alcohol. Instead I had this in mind:

Im still torn on the hailing port as I dont plan on actually having the boat in Richmond. My roots are in Richmond and my house is in Richmond but…. does it even matter? In fact it does… as I answer my own question. Which means it should read “Deltaville, VA” as thats where it was originally registered.  It looks like Ill have to inquire about property tax fees to make my decision.

I came across some awesome sets of youtube videos from Drake on s/v Paragon. These are some of the best videos Ive come across to date. Check em out:



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3 Responses to Its always darkest before the dawn.

  1. bljones says:

    Hi, I built a dinghy based on Hannu’s design three winters ago, and thoroughly enjoyed both the process and the end result. Beer drunk after murdering wood feels more satisfying than beer drunk watching a game on the tube.

    Thanks for the blog shout-out!

  2. Tammy Kennon says:

    Hi, it’s Tammy from ploddinginparadise. Thanks for the link! I’m glad to find you. Fair winds :: s/v Cara Mia

  3. katiegaut says:

    Thanks for linking to our blog! It’s great to find other great folks and ideas out there. It was fun to go down your list of websites – thanks for compiling them all!

    Katie and Mark
    Cruising till the money runs out or the golden retriever mutinies…

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