Serving Up Some Sublime Sustenance

This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the Southern Chesapeake Bay Leukemia Cup Regatta aboard my former racing team’s new boat, s/v Bad Dog a ’79 Tartan Ten owned and skippered by Brad Davis. It was very solidly in the triple digits for the entire day, and the first race was posponed due to the lack of wind. This was not he worst outcome, as it gave us all time for a swim cooling us off before racing commenced. When the wind finally did fill in out of the SSW at 5-8 kts we got down to business.

This was my first experience involved with flying a symmetrical spinnaker and I sure learned a ton very quickly. While we didn’t win any of the races, we didn’t receive any dreaded DFL’s and I believe good times were had by all. The crew seemed to work pretty well as a team considering it was our first time out together, and it was especially nice for me to get out racing after the added experience of skippering s/v High Life for the last few years. Having a captains perspective sure helped me have a better grasp of everything going on. I had a wonderful time and look forward to the next set of races!

In other news:

I am back in Annapolis now, serving tables at a spectacular ribs joint called Adam’s Ribs. It is surprising how much I am enjoying myself compared to life at a desk job. I am busy, on my feet, interacting with people, and delivering high quality, phenomenal food. I feel more satisfied personally providing something as important as a tasty meal than I ever did providing stone countertops or custom millwork. Food and dining has always been an important part of my life and it is gratifying to be making money doing something I enjoy. Its looking more and more like building a  tiki bar in the Caribbean is in my future.

We experienced a land hurricane about a week ago, where 80+mph winds roared through the VA, MD and DC area. Power was cut off to more than 3 million people in the region including my girlfriends apartment (but fortunately not to my restaurant!). We had been at the beach at OBX with friends for a long weekend when the storms hit and didnt realize the power was out till our arrival back from a 7+ hour road trip. We lit some candles and tried to settle back in to a house without power. Settling in came to an abrupt halt when one of the candles set fire to the TV on Sabrina’s dresser. She had fallen asleep and I was upstairs finishing up the dishes after dinner when I heard beckoning screams from the basement. Black smoke was filling her entire room and only a tall orange flame about 2 feet high and a foot wide illuminated the space. In a moment of quick thinking I grabbed a towel in a nearly successful attempt to smother the flames.

I pulled the smoldering mess off the dresser and onto the floor and ran to the bathroom for any water I could get my hands on. One 32oz gatorade bottle of water wasn’t sufficient to douse the embers so I went outside to fill a 5 gallon bucket with water from the hose. While filling the bucket Sabrina informed me that there was more light coming from the room again. The burning plastic had dripped down into the second drawer of clothing and that was also now on fire, so a for a second time I grabbed a towel and reached in to the drawer to smother and pull out the smoldering mess. This time my arms and fingertips were not as lucky and I received a few minor burns from melted plastic and burned clothing embers.

Luckly no one was seriously hurt and as I write I am back in the room, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, all salvageable clothing washed and life back to whatever resmibleance to normal that we can muster.

Thanks for reading! More picture heavy posts will come shortly.


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