Preparation for Sandy… beaches?

The 2012 hurricane season is wrapping up with one last hurrah. Hurricane Sandy, or as the media has dubbed it Frankenstorm, or Snowicanne is bearing down on the east coast and is expected to make landfall Sunday evening into Monday. This will coincide with a major cold front expected to arrive in the mountains of Va/WVa with the potential to cause a major snow event. What fun! Hopefully this type of weather wont happen next year when I toss the lines and head south, which I expect to be aprox one year from now.

I spent some time today researching food options for the trip south. I will gradually buy freeze dried Mountain House foods and store them on the boat as the day to shove off grows ever closer. These meals last years, only require water to prepare, and taste great. Sabrina and I have switched from preparing meals while hiking from scratch to MH packets, because they are much less work to prepare, create less trash and of course taste great. With a good supply of a variety of storable foods, I can use my cash for fresh foods along the way.

One piece of equipment that I have yet to acquire for my trip is an autopilot, the quintessential silent crew member. The reviews for these products are not very reassuring, as there is no real consensus as to which brand is the best. The two major brands, Raymarine and Simrad, offer similar products, and while Simrad sounds good on paper (its supposed to be waterproof as apposed to Raymarine), their reviews raise some concern. My gut is telling me to go with the Raymarine ST2000+… check it out in action:

I had the opportunity to attend my first Annapolis boat show this year. I was super stoked to run into Matt Rutherford and Larry Pardey, with whom I got to chat with. Honestly I was so sailorstruck that I didnt ask for a picture with them (which was so dumb). I know ill have the opportunity for that picture in the future (smacks forehead). I did get a chance to see Matt’s boat s/v St. Brendan up close. It sure builds up my confidence in s/v High Life knowing they are of such similar designs! Check out Matt’s boat up close:





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