Didn’t you hear our year is here?

This February 24 will mark the beginning of High Life’s 4th year with us. The past 3 years have developed memories that could last a lifetime and yet represent only a blip in her history. Oh, I wish I knew more of the good vessel High Life’s history! I know she came from New England yet can only imagine the certainly glorious exploits of her previous owners.

This year we will be making our our own history by throwing the dock lines and sailing her south to the azure waters of Florida and beyond. With the last months rent for my apartment paid and an electric heater (with simulated fireplace effect) purchased, now begins the slothful, dipping a toe in the cold pool style approach to moving aboard full time.

My masochistic ways must be influencing my decisions as it just seems appropriate to aclimate myself into living aboard by nothing less than a “Trial by Ice”. The water temperatures around High Life was 38F when Sabrina and I stayed aboard this past Saturday night. Even with the heater (with simulated fireplace effect) pumping on high, we were immoderately grateful for our mummy bags. Sabrina found extra comfort in my Reactor Extreme Thermolite® Liner which I got for my trip into the Trinity Alps of Northern California. 

I purchased a 7 gallon water tank that strapped nicely above the large plywood and fiberglass monstrosity that at one point may have been referred to as an “icebox”. Hopefully this will provide me with enough tankage while in slip to get by until I can purchase larger tanks for the trip south. I have been eyeing a set of flexible “bag style” water tanks that hold 39 gallons each from Plastimo. Any hardend salts reading this may scoff at the next few items I’ve been pining over… What good ship could possibly go without a stove top hot water heater like this one from Zodi, or a 40 Qt 12v cooling chest, for eggs, cheese, milk and beer from Coleman.

All and all 2013 has been off to a strong start and we look forward to an exciting year. Im so excited to finally be down to the wire. I can almost smell the morning dew filling the air on the morning of our departure….

P.S.  As things start to get more exciting so will the picture content! As of yet I can only share a video from my last outing… Enjoy!

Thanks livin’ the High Life with us!


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