Spring Forward

March 1oth marks the beginning of daylight savings time for 2013, the day we get to “spring forward.” In my mind this marks the first bastion of the coming warm season. This year it will also signal the beginning of the “crunch time” before my first trip south.

photo (9)

I finally got my hands on an autopilot for High Life. I decided to go with a RayMarine ST2000+ for its extra capability over the ST1000 for safety sake. As soon as it warms up a bit I’ll get her installed and learn its functions. Many thanks my Mom who made a significant contribution to this purchase with “may your dreams come true” included on the Christmas card. I am truly blessed to have a family that is so supportive me and my exploits. 

I’d like to thank West Marine in Alexandria, VA for their help in acquiring the autopilot. They were willing to price match my ST2000 which made it possible to purchase their extended warranty, which I’m hoping I’ll never have to use. I figure the increased capability of the pilot along with the warranty count for a few tokens in the “black box.”

I have been on the search for a suitable hard tender for High Life recently. The Craigslist Gods have been good to me as I came across a great deal for a Dyer Dhow. Unfortunately “Sea Squirt” has proven to be too large to safely store on the foredeck of High Life. “Sea Squirt” is back up on Craigslist and hopefully I will be able to close the deal on a shorter, more appropriate tender in the coming weeks.

photo (7)

Its a good thing I decided to invest in a hard tender as my cheap Chinese made amazon bought inflatable was destroyed by rats/mice. Serves me right for leaving outside and on top of a wood pile.

photo (5)

Before the inflatable was destroyed I was given the opportunity to do some work on the water for a friend’s company. The company inspects and services utility infrastructure under bridges and required a “safety boat” in the water while inspecting the drawbridge over Spa Creek in Annapolis.  Check out their badass bucket truck:

photo (11)

I found the oil lamp from my Father’s Twister Class Sloop “Thruster” in their garage the other day and successfully got it working. It gives the cabin a wonderful glow but does not really provide enough light to read by.

photo (8)

I was sitting at the bar having a tasty beverage after work the other day when a coworker tells me, “That couple over there owns the boat next to you and want to let you know something about your boat.” In news about your boat, no news is usually good news. They informed me that a floating dock was lodged underneath the fixed dock right next to my boat. So I finished my drink and hurried down to the dock to check on High Life.

photo (2)Luckily, it didnt seem to have made its mark on her hull and I attempted to move it away, first by tying lines to it and yanking like hell, then by jumping up and down on it. The latter had some effect, all be it making it worse than before. Fortunately for me, friends saw my struggles and came down to help. With the help of two others we got it dislodged and tied up appropriately away from my hull.  The property management company has no idea how it got there or where it came from.

Sabrina and I were treated to a skiing vacation in West Virginia’s Canaan Valley by her Father. We stayed in a cosy little cabin a few miles up the road from the resorts. The first two days were some of the coldest days I have ever experienced, with a high of 6F and windchill around -15F with bilzzard conditions. It was absolutely fantastic. Thanks Reed!

photo (4)               photo (3)

My restaurant went through a facelift by expanded the bar area and installing a new granite bar. It really opened the place up:

photo (6)


Also, they offered me a management position! More hours, means more money and more kitty for the trip!

Oh yeah and I made creme brule, it was f’ing fantastic.

209664_10151144830271782_578805756_oI will leave you with a sailing video. Hopefully not for to long.


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