My Mom the Sailor

Yup thats right. I’ve got sailing in my blood. My mom is a sailor. Check out these gems I found tucked away in an album in the basement:

9726_135384881781_300009_nThe Christening of s/v Thruster

9726_135386136781_5016525_ns/v Thruster 1960’s Twister Class Sloop

9726_135386131781_6757275_nThe Fabulous 80’s

9726_135384866781_2109742_nWhat Happens when you have this much fun?

9726_135386111781_688364_nI get made!

9726_135384891781_1260789_nmmmmmm sailboat cake….

9726_135384871781_1208676_nNothing wrong with a teak play pen right?

9726_135384876781_7156223_nI love this pic because right behind me is a Bristol 27!

5608_105664931781_2794284_nHead Photographer aboard s/v Holly Molly in the BVI


Happy Mothers Day Mom!


You have provided me the love and influence that has afforded me a most fantastic life. Thank you! Love you Mom! – Phil


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Sailor, Traveler, Cook, Activist....
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