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Yesterday was my last day of work before departing. It was an uneventful shift but something profound stood out for me. I was actually going to miss everyone. This stands in stark contrast to previous situations.

I am actually going to miss all those qwerky regulars like “Blackstone”, “The No Talkers”, “The Sparkly Ladies”,”Ugg Boots”, “The Twins” and the ever loved “Father Time”.


The friendships I made with our bar crowd are a huge reason why I truly love what I do. Kate, John, Tim, George-Anne, Michael, Elliott, Bob, Tom, Owen, Frank, Monday, Tim, Rudy, Steve and Chaley (just to name a few) are the exact reason I loved coming to work every day. People may be happy to get a new granite countertop but soon enough that joy fades into worn out old work surface. Working at Adams has shown me that something as simple as providing a cold drink and great food to friends will always remain gratifying. This is the type of joy and satisfaction that grows.

I received two cards from my regulars, one wishing me well on my upcoming travels and another a true bon voyage card. The generosity and thought put into these gestures was a complete surprise and immensely appreciated.

To my co-workers…

I have never worked somewhere that made me feel so at home. I can honestly say I feel like over the past year and a half I have gained a new family. They are the reason work didn’t feel like work, it felt like somewhere I actually wanted to be, which really helps on a 14 hour double.

This trip would not have been possible without the opportunity Adam’s has given me. A huge thanks to Billy, Brian and Lisa who asked me to become manager. I was and still am honored to be given the responsibility.

I made it clear that while I was eager to step up, my intention was to go sailing. To my surprise they were willing to take a chance on me! While not promised management immediately upon my return, a position serving would very likely be available. As you can probably tell, I couldn’t be happier with the way it worked out.  Management has been a fulfilling challenge for me that I enjoy and look forward to doing more when I return!

I will miss you all and truly appreciate your love and support!

Adam’s Ribs in Eastport (Annapolis MD) has had the best ribs in Annapolis 5 years running and has been in business in that location for over 20 years! They know what they are doing and welcome you to come check them out! Fall off the bone melt in your mouth good!


We cater all size events too, so don’t bother cooking, just give them a call!



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